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Haunt Your Home With a Plug-and-Play Product This Halloween!

Haunted House in a Box is a plug-and-play lighting and sound controller that enables home and business owners to quickly build an advanced haunted scene complete with professional lighting and sound effects.
The Haunted House In a Box controller allows you to use lighting fixtures and motion controllers from Animated
Lighting or you can plug in your own Halloween figurines, lights, and
Select from two haunted programs!
Option 1: Continuous lights and sounds with triggers.
Haunted House in a Box plays audio synchronized to lights continuously until a trigger from a motion sensor is detected. At that time, specialized audio tracks and lighting effects are played. You can have two triggers total, each with its own specific audio and lighting effect.
Option 2: No lights and sounds until triggered.
Another option is to have the Haunted House in a Box do nothing until an motion sensor is triggered. At that time, it will play one of two specialized audio tracks and lighting effects for approximately 2-3 minutes and then return to quiet mode until the next visitor crosses a motion sensor.
Get all the lights, motion detectors, and everything else you need!
With the optional accessory pack, Haunted House In a Box includes everything you need with one purchase, and it can be installed by simply plugging together power and audio cords with no programming required! The Haunted House in a Box accessory pack includes:
  • Two flood lights
  • One strobe light
  • Some of the items included in Haunted House in a Box
  • Two orange mini-light strands
  • Two motion detectors
  • One set of speakers
  • One 12V DC wall transformer
  • One incandescent black light
  • One pre-programmed MP3 Controller and I/O board in enclosure with power cord dangles
Don't want our lights? Substitute your own!
The plug-and-play assembly of Haunted House in a Box makes it simple to substitute different lights, motion detection devices, or lighted Halloween figurines in place of our suggested accessory pack. There are also two open channels that are ready for your personal lighted Halloween decorations.

View our workshop on how to create a Haunted House!  Read our workshop lesson on how to create an Animated Haunted House.

See how easy it is!
Download the assembly and operating instructions. (PDF, 2.6 MB)
Haunted House In a Box comes pre-programmed with more than five minutes of spooky sounds and control over multiple light zones.

See the Haunted House in a Box loop!  Click here to play Flash-based video in a new window. Please disable your pop-up blocker if you are having trouble launching the video. This video requires the free Macromedia Flash Plug-in. A broadband connection is also recommended.

Haunted House In-a-Box (continuous play)
$399.00 each
(Part No. HHIAB)
Haunted House In-a-Box (continuous play) with accessories
$499.00 each
(Part No. HHIAB-ACC)
Haunted House In-a-Box (silent until triggered)
$399.00 each
(Part No. HHIAB-TO)
Haunted House In-a-Box (silent until triggered) with accessories
$499.00 each

Halloween 2005 is coming!

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